Digital music shopping website project comes under e commerce category for buying video cd’s and audio cd’s . Details are updated to web server with available video and audio cd by dividing in to different categories.  Each category will maintain old and new records with options to add to basket and buy online. 

Digital Music Shopping System Project

Project development:

 This application is designed in java programming language using  oracle.  For running this application we need  these listed software’s. J2SDK1.5, Tomcat 5.5, Oracle 9i . 

Existing and Proposed System:

          Comparing existing and proposed system differences gives clear picture about how proposed system is useful for present trend. In existing system users should buy video or audio cd from stores. If we can provide online option for users to buy from online this can reduce time and get different types of data from single source. Users can pay using online method and get product directly to home. 

Modules Over view:  

 In this application there are totally 4 main modules which are given below.

1.User Module  : In this module users can register with application and login using these details and select product from different category.

    2. Admin Module : admin can manage users and application data. He can update new data to website and check status of payments and shipping information.

    3. Shopping cart Module: Shopping cart module is used to select product from given list and add to basket and move to next level for purchasing.

    4. Reports Module :  Report module provides option to analyze ordered information. 

Download Digital shopping website project source code with project report and abstract.