Objective: A Distributed Topology Control For Share Trading Portal in java application is an online share trading portal where online share brokers company offering online share trading portal for stock exchanges. The key features include opening an account, transactional tracking, ratings and feedback system, content listing, referencing and matching. The database helped traders by showing them a list of potential trading matches, and showed historical transactions as well. 


Basics of online stock trading 

Your investment strategy:

Unlike most stock brokers, online stock brokers rarely provide clients with advice on which stocks are buy/sell/hold recommendations. That said, some do offer off-line services for this. Consequently, if you are new to stock trading, you may wish to avail yourself of this service, otherwise you will need to research your stock buying/selling options yourself. If you are looking to research which stock to buy yourself, you should look at purchasing online stock trading software programs to help provide you with all the technical information – such as charts, real time prices, information sharing – that you are going to need in order to make an informed investment decision. 

To start trading online:

Once you have opened your account with an online stock broker, deposited your money with them, picked the stock you want to buy, and the method of trading you are going to conduct, all you then need to do is to press your mouse a few times and the buy/sell order for that stock is complete. 

Nonetheless, as most online stock brokers do not provide their clients with research information about which stock to buy and sell (which is one reason why their commissions can be so low), one of the most important aspects you have to consider before opening an online trading account is to find out whether or not they have instant ‘real time’ access to stock trading prices. If not, and there is a time-lag between the quoted price and your buy/sell price, you could find that this ends up costing you far more than the commission would otherwise have cost. Therefore, be prepared to pay a higher commission for a more instantaneous stock quote price. 

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