Management applications are fast growing software used in various industries. Doctor Patient Management System is a similar project which comes under management software used in heal care sector . This application is specially developed for hospitals for managing patients, doctors , scheduling appointments, billing,  report generation .

Existing And Proposed System Overview: 

Managing data under different categories in hospital like customers details, doctors information..Etc are done in a manual way or a simple stand alone application with few features.  This application will computerize all areas of hospitals and  entire data is updated to centralized database. Administrator can easily access data from any location using a web application .

Software and hardware requirements:

To run doctor and patient tracker we need  java (  j2sdk 1. 4 version ) and we use html, dhtml, java script  features. For storing data we need mysql 5.0 version and related jdbc drivers should be installed.

Doctor and patient tracker Modules overview:

Doctor and employee module:

For easy access of employees information and doctors information different sub branches are divided, under these modules each employee information and doctor information is updated. This module consist of  personal details with contact numbers and specialization and timings. 

Hospital Room Information:

Room module updates information of rooms availability, total number of rooms booked and patients information booked in each room with income and out going time. This module will help to calculate total cost and billing information.

Billing module:

After completing treatment customer should pay final bill. This module will look after final bill payment and report generation. Based on doctors consultation and room information cost will be calculated and final list is given to customer.

Admin module:

Admin can look after all modules he can add , delete , modify existing records from table.  He  has permissions to allow user to access specific area . 

Download Doctor Patient Management System project source code in java.