In this project titled Dynamic source routing protocol Project we are providing source code and project execution steps for using thi s project as college project for computer science students.

Dynamic Source Routing Protocol

Project Introduction:

DSR or Dynamic source routing protocol is the best performing wireless routing protocol which is used in multi hop wireless ad hoc network for mobile nodes. Main advantages of using this protocol is to self organize and self configure with our any use of external existing network infrastructure or any administration team.

Main Functionality:

Route Discovery

Route Maintenance

Working of DRS Protocol:

DRS helps in controlling message flow in multiple routes to reach packet to any destination.

Sender can control flow for message from source to destination.

Load balancing is the other feature which allows effective performance.

Step By Step Procedure to Execute Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Project:

  1.  install software JDK1.5
  2.  open Source folder.
  3. open F2.txt file, change IPadress(Current System) and save.
  4.  open NEXTMESH.txt file, change IPadress(next System) and save.
  5. open ExecuteFirst batch file by Right click – > edit, change classpath name (where your class files located)
  6. open ExecuteNext batch file by Right click – > edit, change classpath name (where your class files located)
  7. RUN the ExecuteFirst batch file(double click or right click – > open).
  8. RUN the ExecuteNext batch file(double click or right click – > open).
  9. (before sending msg to destination) RUN ExecuteFirst batch file to all system
  10.  change F2 and NEXTMESH file IPaddress in every system. Also change ExecuteFirst batch file
  11. and ExecuteNext batch file in every system.
  12. AFter Running ExecuteNext in source machine


Destination Address
File load

outPut(destination machine)

Window open
click recieve button
signature verified OK
view msg.

Download Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Project in Java Source Code, Documentation.