About The E – Banking Project in Java. 

  •  This money bank application is an online Web site for a Banking Application.
  •  The application is a leading bank dealing and fulfilling the needs of all categories i.e. financial organizations, hospitals, universities and universities.
  •  The site has information regarding the banking, loans and others. 

E Banking

About the Functionalities: 

  •  The application will enable a visitor to register with the application.
  • The application will enable visitors to perform activities such as banking, loans and others.
  •  Banking applications contains following Accounts such as Checking Accounts, Savings Account, and Fixed Deposits & Recurring Deposits.
  •  The application will enable a registered user for Registration Information for Account Holders.
  •  The application will have an administrator’s page, which will enable administrators to maintain user details and manage the accounts in the money banks inc.
  •  The application will allow account holders to display Transaction in Details including Balance Amount.   

E Banking Project Objective:

Now in the changing environment every body wants speed and perfection, which cannot be possible without a computerization system, this is the age of information and technology. This computerization is going to change the traditional face of all the business organization and non-business organization. Most of the organization now uses computer system; we have also determined to computerize the E – Banking.       

 About the Banking Application 

  •  Java Server Pages (JSP)
  •  Java Database Connectivity  (JDBC)
  •  Java Beans
  •  Servlet
  •  Front Page 2000 / MX Dream Weaver 2004 


This is a Web-enabled category. We use following software and hardware for developing and testing the project. 

Software interfaces 

Operating system        : Windows XP

Server                           : Tomcat Server 5 .5

GUI Language             : Java (JSP 2.0 & JDBC 2.4), MS Front page

Back-End                     : Oracle 9i.  

Hardware interface 

Processor           : AMD Athlon 2400+

RAM                    : 256 MB DDR RAM 


This system enables to perform better and more efficiently, it speeds up all the activities and provides good communication amongst all departments. 

Features like modularization, maximum cohesion and least coupling have been followed in the development of the project. Exceptional conditions like incorrect input, invalid values of variables and overflows have been checked for in the project. Hence, the system is a robust system.


Download E Banking Project Report in Java, DFD, Screen Shots, PPT.