E Cops Project in Java is a web based police management software which is specially designed for police department for managing crime related information. Along with crime management this software can handle human resource related tasks which is detailed in this project report.

E Cops Project

E Cops Project Modules Description:

Admin Module:

First Administrator login with valid username and password then he can do following activities.

  • First he created the police station and its departments and appointing employees to particular police station which represent particular zone.
  • He has all permission like creating, updating, and deletion of particular information.

Police Officers (Constables to DGP)

The Police Officers login with valid username and password. They can do following activities.

  • Police Officers can see their Transfers details and promotions.
  • Police Officers make case registration through online.
  • Police Officers can see the information about who have submitted cases on online then that case is registered and taken their provided evidence details.
  • Police Officers make fir and charge sheet of cases according to who have submitte cases on online.

Hotel / cybercafé Employee / Citizen

       They are login with valid username and password. They are do following activates.

  • He can see the particular police station information.
  • He can see most wanted criminals and criminal information in order to district wise, state wise, area wise and department wise also
  • He can see the employee information as department wise.
  • He can submitted evidence to particular case through online
  • Hotel/Cyber Café Employee apply for various licenses.


           Department module has the following categories

  • Law and Order
  • Traffic and control
  • Cyber Crime
  • Women Protection
  • CBI

 The above categories satisfy the following activities

  • Maintain departments wise employees
  • Maintain department wise cases
  • Maintain department wise criminals according to area wise/district wise/state wise/age wise also.
  • Maintain department wise FIR, Charge Sheet information.
  • Maintain department wise most wanted criminal information.
  • Maintain department wise employee transfers and promotions.


Download E Cops Project in Java Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, SRS.