E gas sewa project is a management project designed in JAVA programming language using play framework.  This web application is useful for gas agency to take requests from users and deliver gas in given time.

E Gas Sewa Project

Project Category:

Web Based Online Gas Agency System Project

Project Abstract:

Gas agency needs efficient data management and customer management method to deal with users. Daily there will be many requests from users from different locations which should be stored in database and provide them time of delivery date and submit by that time.

In order to manage all these tasks we need a computerized solution.  This application e gas sewa will help gas agency to manage work in short time with minimum manual power.

E Gas Sewa Project Modules over View:

Users can register with software to get account. Using this account he can view transactions details, order details, time of receiving, status.

Change Location: Using this option user can apply for location change by submitting required information and filling given form.

Dealer Order: Dealer can communicate with gas companies for requesting orders and submitting related information.

Forward Service:  This form is useful for providing customer service like new connections, taking complaints ..etc.

End Service:  Service provided by gas agency by submitting gas cylinder to end user details are updated using this form.

Gas Cylinder Type:  There are different type of gas cylinders gas agency will provide these details are managed using this module.

Identification proof: When new gas connection is taken users identification details like voter card, passport are stored in database.

New Connection Request: User who wants to take new gas connection those details are stored in database using this module. Customer name, address, phone number, id proof..etc.

Download E gas Sewa Project in Java Source Code

Play frame work is required for this project

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