Corporate Medicare Management or E health care management system project in Java is a web application developed for hospitals to manage staff data and patients data effectively. With the increase of demand in hospitals we need effective data management system for handling patients data , staff data and treatment details in a effective way. In this project we use data mining concepts to develop a effective system.

E Health Care Management System

Existing System Features

  •  In most of the cases the database is similar from one hospital to another hospital. 
  • It is very difficult to analyze the usage percentage of hospital resources, Bed occupation Ratio, Administration, Laboratory information even in a single center. Then we can expect the complexity while integrating multi multi-specialty Medicare Centers.
  • Room Reservations, Doctor Appointment Schedules, Operation Schedules, and Medicine indentation information is very difficult to maintain and share among the different Medicare Centers.
  • This video will give detailed explanation about project design and screen shots.

E Health Care Management System Features:

In this project we are trying to implement which parts of a data-mining project for hospital management are equal or highly similar across different hospitals (at least in the same national healthcare system). This allows us to design several data mining modules, which can be portable across several hospitals, thus dramatically reducing the time to implement a data-mining program in a new hospital.

Download E Health Care Management System Project source code in java with project report, documentation, ppt.