E insurance management system is a online service related project for insurance companies to reach users and give support in a best way with minimum manual work. This application can be used for providing support for insurance related queries like application form filling by online, submitting required information through online and updating new features through online.


Insurance is important for every user to protect from financial loss. There are different types of insurances for health, automobiles, children..etc. Insurance service is provided by many companies which will look after users data and claims. Agents are basic source of communication between company and users to register with insurances. With the advancement of new web based technologies online portals are used for providing better service to users.

Project abstract:

Online insurance management systems are providing better service for users with clear anlaysis of different insurances cost and comparing them with user reviews. This application is developed to integrate customer, agent and online service in to a single platform and provide best service for user.

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system companies will recruited agents on commission based and these agents will communicate with users to get insurance and support . There are many steps to be followed for long period for insurances. So every time manual support cannot be possible. In order to overcome this a web  portal is used for communication between user and agent.

Modules overview:

There are four main modules admin user, employee and agent.

Admin: admin will update database with new policies and information of agents with offers and help agents, employees and users for better interaction.

Employee: employee looks after updates from agent and user and process documents before conform any policies. He will do background check for claims.

User module: User will communicate with agent and update any required information for processing to agent or employee.

Agent: agent will look after services that to be offered to user for new policy registration or updating old policies through online.

 Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

Download E insurance management system Project source code in java with project report.