E learning translation editing system project is developed to translate any course which is part of e learning from existing language to any other language.


E learning translation editing system is helpful to computerize concept of translation without any manual work.

By computerizing this system it takes care of the entire processing that is done manually, i.e., keeping track of all the records, maintenance of each customer’s information, their products and about the status of the organization etc.

The highlight of this application is its ability to update the information easily and can provide authorized access to the respective persons basing on their access rights.

This feature makes it distinct and is more probable to get into the market as a product which will be marketed as a customized product which requires only minimal changes. Also being a web application it provides for the client server organization where     the resource can optimally be used to take its fullest advantage.

 Process flow explanation: 

 Course Management:

Course Management lists all the source courses, target courses and add the Course to the Translation System.

Process Description

Course Action 

  • Parses the user request.
  • Adds the Configuration Filters (course Zip files) to the Translation System.
  • Stores the Course Zip file to the Temporary location of the Server Using the FileInputStream.

Course Translation Ejb

  • Unzips the Course from the Temporary Location using FileOutputStream.
  • Verifies whether the Unzip file formats are PFP, SCORM and Html or not.
  • If the Unzip file formats are PFP, SCORM and Html, EJB adds the Unzip course to the Database using the File Handler.

Service Request

  • Forwards the Course details to Course Translation Ejb
  • Retrieves the Added Course from course translation ejb and stores the details into the database.

     Translation Process

In the Translation Process, user translates the course into the desired language. User can checkout the Course for Translation. After Translation, user can checkin the Course. 

    Process Description

Checkout/checking Action


  • Stores the path of target course folder in the Checkout folder available in server.
  • File Handler copies the contents of Target Course folder to Checkout Course folder.


  • After translation, retrieves the translated course details from the Checkout Folder
  • Copies the contents of the checkout folder to the Checkin folder. Now the Course is ready to Checkout for Translation.

Translation Service Ejb:

  • Retrieves the User Information and Translatable Course Details from the UserSessionDataBean
  • Creates _contentstructure.xml file and stores the user and course information  in the following location

server\default\deploy\Translation System_repository.war\checkout\aetes_descriptors

  • Translator retrieves the _contentstructure.xml file, modifies the course content into desired language and views the Translated Course.

Service Response

  • This servlet retrieves the Translated course information from the _contentstructure.xml
  • Displays the Translated Course Contents in the Target Page.

   Media Report Flow

Media Developers logs into the system and perform the following tasks:

  • View the changes
  • Update the media for one or more courses
  • View list of courses assigned
  • Check for the media reports appearing in Translation System containing translation status for every media element in the course.
  • Download the reports that are already translated
  • Generate reports periodically

Process Description


  • Parses the user request
  • Sends the Media translation information to Media Translation ejb.

Media Translation ejb

  • Retrieves the Media Information & Translatable Course Details from the UserSessionDataBean
  • Creates _contentstructure.xml file and stores the user & media information  in the following location

server\default\deploy\Translation System_repository.war\checkout\aetes_descriptors

  • Retrieves media information from the _contentstructure.xml

Media Handler

  • Handles the Media operations like retrieving Media for page, Media Details and the status of Translated media course details.
  •  Acts as an intermediate between the media translation ejb and the Database.

Media Translation Service ejb

  • Retrieves the media information from _contentstructure.xml
  • Uploads the new media file using the Input Stream to translate the existing media file.
  • Stores the course details with updated media in the database
  • Sends the information to Media Translation Servlet.

Media Translation Servlet

  • Retrieves the updated Course information from the Media Translation Service ejb.

Sends the Translated Media information to the User/Home Page. 

Software Requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language             : Java

Backend Database                       : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

Download E Learning translation editing system Project Source code, project report.