E medical store project is developed for a company for selling medicines and health care products through online portal. Main objective of this application is to provide 24 hrs service for users to buy products.

E Medical Store Project

E Medical Store Project

Business Impacts:

Using this web portal users can save time mainly employees working in company.  It provides convenient and efficient way of shopping using latest secured technologies.  Main objective is to provide quality of service with customer support and fast delivery of goods.

Expected Results:

a   Cost and time will be saved for users.

a   Users who are located at local areas can also buy products through website and user will get any type of medicine.

Business Requirement:

a   Product: List of products with category wise and cost and availability should be displayed on website.

a   Users: Information of users who are registered with application and their contact number and address must be managed.

a   Administrator: Admin will have permission to add, delete, modify products from the website and he can add products promo codes and offers.

a   Cart: After adding products to cart users must have option to remove, or add new product to cart and check list of products with total cost and he can save to list.

a   Order: Order should have options of payments with online payment methods and security checks.

Interface over view:

User interface:    User will login page to view products from website. He can view products under different category and check products cost with reviews and add to cart. 

Admin interface:  Admin will have option to view customer’s details and he can add new products to list and he can delete data and check daily reports and deliver products to users. 

Payment interface: After product is added to cart list of products with final payment and payment options are displayed. 

Cart Interface: Users interested products which are added to buy are displayed in this interface. 

Download E Medical Store Project source code in java with project report.