E Quiz Game Project is based on the web browser and a game website through mobile device. All pages of the Site/Game should be accessible from the Desktop.

E quiz application is a mobile gaming project which can be accessed from website. User can also play quiz game from desktop.

In first stage there is registration from user side who should have unique userid and password to access online gaming service. This game works in sessions based where each user should answer given questions on different category. This is time based on time based game each question should be answered in time.  After answering all questions results are displayed.   

E Quiz Game Project

E Quiz Game Project

Functional Description

There are two categories of persons who can access the application the host and the player. The host is the person who has got a separate secured login through which he can enter into the application and add the questions by selecting the category and the level to which he actually want to add with. Coming to the player he has to register first in order to play the game. Once registered he can read the instructions, view the high scores and start the game. Either the registered or non registered user has also got an option of adding the queries to the list.

The game will present you with 15 questions and four possible answers – simply choose an option within the time allowed to progress to the next question. If the question is not answered within the time span then it will move to the next question to answer by displaying the message “Sorry your time ran out”.

As with all the Who Wants to Be a Winner, players can earn points by correctly answering questions, and opt to use walk away options at any time. You can Walk Away and conserve all your winnings at any time during the game by selecting the “Quit” on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

A player’s final score is the sum of all their points accumulated during the game and is displayed only once the game is finished. It has also got an option to view the highest scores along with the respective players’ names.

Download E Quiz Game Project source code in java with project report.