E recruitment project or job portal project is a online web application which will have most of the features that are available in existing naukri and monster like job portal websites.

E Recruitment Project


Considering advantages of internet most of the work is done through online which is reducing manual work and risk for completing task had made user to develop many applications on web. Job portal website is also a similar type of project considering recruitment process as basic point and act as bridge between job providers and job seekers. 

Explanation of  DFD:

Data flow diagram given below provides details of main users in this application and flow of data with portal.

Admin will have permission to view information, create status and logout options with online job portal.

Candidate will have permissions to Login with ID and Password, Edit own profile, View status, Logout.

Company can register with application , view status, logout, edit profile and Get user name and password. 

Top Level Data Flow Diagram

Top Level data flow diagram shown above will provide detailed view of data flow between three modules and interaction with database and functionality and permissions of each module. 

Pages Overview:

Admin Home Page:   This is the home page for administrator who can view candidate details, company user details, delete existing users, delete existing company user, details of user status.

Company registration Page:   This page is visible only for company profiles where they can update company name, password, address, email, phone number and Fax details.

Recruit Candidate Page:  This page consists of candidates who are selected.  Candidate’s details are displayed with job code and job name.

User Registration: This page is visible for normal user who wants to apply for job or join job portal website. User should fill required fields with education and personal details to get user name and password.

Download E Recruitment project source code in java with project Report and PPT.