Project scope:

Job searching and placement is a big issue in present competitive world in existing system paper advertisement is used for attending interviews there is scope for developing web application which can help users to get interview call and help job providers to find correct candidates in short time.


Recruitment is main work for human resource management team in a company. Recruitment is the process of selecting candidate with in organization by interviewing in a selective process. This recruitment process is different for different companies but as a first stage finding right candidates and selecting them for interview is a complicated process.  There are many agencies which will look after this process by taking basic interviews before recommending to any company.

Project abstract:

Main objective of e recruitment system project is to develop a web portal where  any user or any job provider can look after options to find job or find best candidate. This application is useful in both the cases for job provider and job seeker.

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system there are two methods mostly job provider used to follow , selecting candidates for calling for interview by giving paper advertisement or giving work to other human resource management team to look after this task. In proposed system job provider can easily look after candidate by registering with web portal and download resumes and call for interview. Similarly job seeker can find different companies at one place and apply for job.


There are 3 main modules in this application job provider, job seeker and e learner.

Job provider:

Job provider is a company human resource management team who will register with portal and download required employees resumes and filter out few and call for interview.

Job seeker:

Graduate who is looking for job can upload to website which will be visible to every company. If company likes his resume they can call for interview.

E Learning:

This module will educate job seeker to gain knowledge on how to face interview and take mock written tests. This will help students to face interview in a better way.

Download E recruitment system Project in java source code and project report.