Project scope:

Online E tender management web application will replace existing manual methods used in government and private sectors where tender management is a complicated process.


Tender management is a big process in most of the private and public sectors where organizations should provide a rules based tender process calling where every user can know about the tender information. Tender calling process methods have increased with the availability of internet which has helped organizations to place new tenders on website with all required information provided in document.

Project Abstract:

E tender management project is web portal where organization will have options to upload information to database and display on website with relevant information about new tenders with time of tender submission, scheduling, process of work and payment options.

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system users should go to office to know about available latest tenders with final day of submission in some cases users will not even know about tenders. In this process only few users will apply for tender and cost will be more in order to overcome this issue e tender management application is developed in which latest information will be available online .

Modules overview:

There are two main modules admin and user module

Registration: There are two registration methods for user and admin. Only one admin can register with application where are  number of users can register .

Admin module: admin can upload tenders related information to  website and delete old tender details . He will update latest data to website.

User module:  User who registers with application will get unique user name and password to look after available tenders and download related files and apply for tenders through online.

Download Online E tender management system project in java with source code.