E tender and supplier exchange project is a web portal for helping business men to apply for tender for providing required material or specific type of work to government organizations or private organizations.   This application will help contacts to know about any new tenders with out visiting officers. Officials will upload latest tender details to database which can be view from any location . 


E procurement is the concept introduced to establish and medium for business to business, business to government, business to any private organization for providing services like contact or materials and apply for tender through internet.  This software will be integrated with supply management, order purchase , e auction and e tendering.

 Project abstract:

Objective of this project is to design and website for user who can apply tenders by online to any organization and submit quotations. There are admin, employee, purchaser and supplier modules. 

Existing system:

In existing system user should visit offices to know about available tenders and take form and fill with required documents and drop in the box that will be viewed by officials and call person to conform order. This is time taking and no new technologies are used in this application.

Proposed system:

In proposed system e tender website is available for users to know about new tenders and download form and fill required details and attest softcopies and upload to site status can be seen from profile.

Modules overview: 

There are four main modules

Admin: admin will update latest tender details and delete old details from website and he will update registered users application forms to employees.

Employee: employee will look after applications and filter high quoted files and process to next level for conformation.

 Tender supplier: person who is applying for tender will upload files from website and view status from online.

Download E Tender and Supplier Exchange Project source code and project report.