The main objective of Education Portal Project in java is that providing educational institutions information’s and their services to students and colleges etc. This is a totally web based search engine, its main aim is that provide all education services details in one place, user does not need to search different sites to get information about any University or Educational services. India study channel gives the full details of the all educational services information and Examination notifications etc at one system.

Education Portal

Education Portal Project Advantages:

  • India study channel main advantage is all sorts of educational services information will be available in one place
  • It provides the details of Universities and affiliated college details and respective course details at one system.
  • In India study channel we can add the new University, college and course  to increase the  selecting options for the students
  • User should have a one desktop or system is enough for using all facilities staying anywhere in the world.

Watch this video to understand basic over view about project with screen shots

Existing System with Limitations:

The existing system has lot of flaws, because here they have to work more on manually instead of working on system. In present system they have to go through lots of news papers and magazines to know the information about the details of Colleges and Universities.

They won’t get the detailed information with out going the different sites /News papers / Magazines. In this system they have to spent lot of time, money etc to getting the exact information. In some cases he may misses the examinations notifications and entrance exam dates in that conditions he will loss the valuable chance in his career life. This system is developed to overcome the flaws and problems in existing system. They want replace with a system which gives the total information in a one tool, which is user friendly, time saving etc.

Download Education Portal Project Source Code in Java with project report documentation, PPT, DFD.