Effort Tracking System is a software project for companies to select their employees for a particular job. The software package helps the companies to select the employees from interview to final selection. This software has options to track effort of the applicant in many levels. This includes from his basic education, Interview test, viva and training test etc., based on all these factors and effort offered by the student he will be selected for the job. 


The major objective of this project is to track all the job openings in the company and the applicants applied for it.  The other major objective of this project is to generate the interview letter for the applicants based on their marks. The other major objective of this project is to provide an option to enter the test and viva marks.


This application has wider scope, because this application can used for any company for job selection process so it is having wider acceptance across the globe.



  • Login :
  • MDI Form
  • Job openings :
  • Applicant Application Entry :
  • Company Registration
  • Interview Letters
  • Interview
  • Viva Letter
  • Viva
  • Job Selection
  • Training Marks
  • Final Selection based on effort