Election process data collection and result announce system is software application program to manage election data and result announcement.  This program is for Election Commission to manage elections. As we know presently we are using electronic devices to cast the votes. These devices as to shift to the each election booth and it must bring it back. After we will transfer data from that device to the main device and based on number votes we will declare the winner. To make smooth to this system this program is developed. This program will ease the lot of work and result can instantly announced once election or over. There is not much manual work involves in counting and announcing the result. So this program is more robust than the present conventional system.


The main objective of this application software is to manage the elections digitally and announce the result immediately once elections are over. The other major objective of this application is to remove the electronic voting device and use the computer for the voting. The other major objective of the project is to digitalize the whole process so it will more accurate and saves money and time. 


This application software is very much useful all types of elections. So this program will have tremendous demand across country. Not only across the country but it will be useful across globe with suitable modifications.

Software Requirement

Front End                   :       JAVA, JAVA SWINGS, HTML,

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows 7


Windows 8