L T Electricity Billing Project in Java has been developed to computerize the billing system of KSEB where all dealing was done manually earlier.  Now a day’s computerization is spreading with great speed.  Many organizations are being computerized and are surely enjoying the benefits of computerization. 

Electricity Billing Project in Java

            Earlier one person was gone to collect the meter reading, then another one check the unit charge and another person calculate the total charge.  These details are all stored in special records.  Though al the most importance, tedious a care needed job is the bill calculation.  Any one of mistakes may cause severe consequence.  Computerization helps to overcome all these problems, by integrating the system that is the above said jobs can be done by a single person.  That is one computer user LT BILLING SYSTEM helps to create accurate bills, with great speed.  This includes the consumer details report generation.

Existing System:

            A system can be regarded as a set of interacting elements, producing outputs from a set of inputs.  Existing system is completely manual.  There may be a lot of chance of clerical and procedural errors.  Existing system has several disadvantages such as

            1. Redundancy in stored data

            2. Lack of security

            3. Data is inconsistent

            4. More time required

            5. Waste storage space

            6. Manpower required

            7. Errors may occur

            8. Regular watching and supervision is necessary

Proposed Electricity Billing Project:

            The system avoids the difficulties of the existing system. The Advantages of proposed system are

  1. Faster performance
  2. Redundancy can be reduced
  3. Time saving
  4. Inconsistency can be avoided
  5. Data Sharing
  6. Security restrictions  can be applied
  7. Less storage space required
  8. Debugging

Download LT Electricity Billing Project in Java source code, project report, documentation, design and database details.