Email Client project is developed in java, main objective of this application is to send and receive electronic mails using a web application. Users can send mails by attaching photos or documents and communicate with users from different locations. 

Email Client Project in Java

Existing system 

In former to Mail client there exists a system called Mail through browser 

We need to use mail services like Yahoo, Google, and Hotmail. 

They use HTTP port 80 to access the mails. 

Limitations of the existing system: 

The browsers are not safe to send confidential messages. 

Some companies create own mail services to send mails. 

They can be easily hacked by hackers. 

The valuable data is modified and it may be lost 

Proposed Email Client Project in Java:

The email client is a java based program.

It can be used by running the java code.

It is used to send mails and receive mails securely.

Cost of mail client is less when compared to mail services,

Future Scope of the Project: 

             This object is having a broad future scope as it can be extended to provide   sending messages on line. This system can be implemented for online sharing without the intervention of the authority. If it is done so user can read messages from any where in the world. He can read any where from is login account,smtp server . In other words the future scope is to provide the better service.

Download Email Client Project in Java with source code, project report, documentation, design details, database design.