Email system project ( in Java ) is a web application like regular google mail or hot mail with most of the features. Developing this application as mini project will help students to gain knowledge on network programming and Java programming language.

Email System Project


Each user who want to use email system application will be given a unique user name and password. User security is maintained so other users cannot see our messages. If user forgets password reminding procedure is designed and details are sent to mail.

Security steps are taken to help users to save account details for hackers and un authorized users.

Existing System with Limitations

   There are many organizations which use manual methods for sharing information between organization using manual methods. Using this simple intranet mailing system we can computerize this process.

Proposed System Features:

In present organization structure most of the work is done using software applications. In order to improve service for customers we need effective applications. Similarly considering need of work flow we need intranet mailing application.

Forms Overview:

Home Page:

This the home page of intranet mailing system from where the users can log in into their account

Compose Mail:

Using this user can send messages to the desired persons and he cans also attachment a document.

Inbox Page:

In this the user can view the messages sent to him. If he wants he can download the attachments and forward the same messages to everyone and he can add the mailed to his address book.

Forward Message:

In user can forward the same message to the other friend if he is interested

Download Email System Project in Java Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT.