Employee work activity management system provides a systemic procedure to organize employees work in large companies. This project is useful for human resource management team to track each employee track record and analyze for different purpose. 


Work activity management software is now used in each organization for tracking, delegating and analyzing process of project work. This method is part of project management which helps in managing employee work and work required to be done in given time. These tools are used for helping management team to complete work in given time.

Tracking entire project follow from different levels is not a easy task. Tolls like these are useful for knowing responsibilities of each team member. 

Project abstract:

Employee work activity management system will have options to track each employee assignments, daily work status, attendance, summary reports.

Existing and proposed system:

There are no software tools specifically developed for tracking employee information only attendance and daily report system is available With proposed system we can analyze employee work, attendance, leaves and generate reports.


Admin or scheduler module:

He is main user who has clear idea about project with deadline. He will assign work from his interface with date and type of work. Employee can easy track . Admin will have option to delete, add employee and give credentials for employee based on project type. This process is done at the time of project scheduling.

Communication module:

Communication module will provide option to employees to communicate with other employees and team leaders.


Admin can generate reports based on attendance, leave, work status .etc for each employee.

Download Employee Work Activity Management System Project source code and project report.