Enterprise Advertise Planning Project deals with companies to provide solution for advertising web sites, and take help of crew members to get solution for problems.


Admin module: Admin modules cover functionalities related to manage the tool like user creation, sending invitations to user referrals, composing & sending messages to customers or crew members and reading messages from crew members and customers, rating crew members based on number of hits on the web pages created by them. An administrator can create another administrator. System allows all users to change their own password.

Templates module: Templates modules provides functionalities like adding new templates, selecting from available templates and assigning it to crew member for designing as well. Based on the page hits on his templates, admin will give appraisal.

Customer management module: This module provides functionalities related to customers like allowing users to register themselves and choose available templates from template zone and select one. It allows customers as well as other users to change their password. Also customers can view crew members and their ratings.

Crew management module: This module provides details of crew members. It allows admin users to add or delete crew members and rate crew members. It covers adding crew members, deletion of existing crew members, assigning crew members to templates selected by users. It allows crew to select template and make payment through online it self.

We have identified the following categories of users.

  1. Admin
    1. Can create another administrator
    2. Can add crew members
    3. Can view crew member details
    4. Can delete a crew member
    5. Can send invitations
    6. Can do cleaning
    7. Can send/receive messages.
    8. Can add templates
    9. Can assign templates to crew members
    10. Can upload required files
  1. Crew
    1. Can change their password
    2. Can view assigned templates to them
    3. Can send/receive messages
    4. Can view templates
    5. Can upload files
    6. Can view their rating
  1. Customer
    1. Can view templates
    2. Can select a template and block it by making payments
    3. Can send/receive messages
    4. Can upload files
    5. Can view his page
    6. Can send invitations

Future Enhancements

At present the system that has been developed allows only the members, those who had the references of the existing users. It can be enhanced to allow the users, who may directly register his details.

Web page upload consists the page must possess the standards of the page uploading that is, “<meta> tag and the attributes of it must be specified in the page surely”. It can be enhanced to ask the user for the detail of the page upload and etc.

Download Enterprise Resource Planning Project Source code in java with project report.