The main objective of Enterprise Database Integration Project system is to access, combine, and reorganize enterprise data that is locked away in legacy data silos. Data integration ensuring that information in multiple systems is kept consistent, this also known as Enterprise information integration. Another objective is process integration it means linking business across applications.

Enterprise Database Integration

Existing System:

  • Complexity of existing system enterprise architectures: Each department built their systems with its own technologies.
  • Lack of skilled staff: On technologies such as Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), CORBA, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).
  • Security Issues: EAI provide more accessible information onto corporate  network legacy applications can be access by variety of users.
  • Change Management issues:  Rapid change of company’s IT landscape and business environment.

Proposed Enterprise Database Integration System

  • Enterprise database integration implies the ability to access relational and

non-relational data sources from back end systems. Such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Mysql and Ms-Access, from a common framework using one tool or set of tools.

  • The proposed system is made possible using intelligent data adapters that contain logic and metadata to perform simple or complex SQL based data manipulation against target systems.
  • The adapters can provide statistics on their usage and performance characteristics and when used to ETL processes a full audit trail can be achieved from source to target.
  • The proposed system will accelerate business integration by simplifying it dramatically – eliminating custom integration code and replacing it with the straight forward assembly and configuration of off the shelf components.
  • The system will provide everything necessary to achieve real-time and near real-time  or batch integration more quickly and easily than competing tool andthe“roll-your-own”.

Download Enterprise Database Integration Project in Java Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT.