Online entrance exam and seat processing is designed for process the concept of allowing students to book slot for different type of software coursers for taking exams and certified coursers.


        Online Entrance Exam and Seat Processing System is a web based application website to manage seat processing for short term courses. This website basically for short term courses. Where student can take entrance test and select the seat he/she interested. This website reduces lot of manpower and time for the management to conduct and allot the seat for the students. By introducing this system the students can take the test where ever they are they don’t need come to the one particular place and also after taking the exam they can choose the course they want.


This web application main aim is to provide online entrance exam and allow student select the required course. The important objective of this website is to allow student take the exam at near exam point.


This application can be used by all any college or institute to conduct online exam and allocate the seat to the students. So it is have lot of scope in India and in abroad.


Admin module:   Admin acts as main user who has permissions to add tests and check user’s registrations and accept users registration after payment and sending conformation mails to students mails.

Student or user module: Student or user module is like normal users who login to application to register test and take test and get certification or results form website.

Result module: This module is useful for providing results after taking test. Results are generated by comparing correct answers with answers given by student and results with grade are displayed.

Questions module:  User who selected test type can select type of course and list of questions with time are displayed.