ERP System Project

ERP system  also called as enterprise resource planning software  comes under business management software which is a integrated software with multiple applications   . This software covers interview management, interview assessment, application assessments, personal information management.

Enterprise resource planner project provides solution for companies with centralized database maintained by database management system . ERP system tracks employees details, employee interview details, experience details.

ERP system software is a billion dollar business which is used in different companies under different scenarios.

Project scope:

Enterprise resource planner software is useful in many companies which has good scope to reduce human resource and manage data in a centralized database.

Project abstract: 

ERP project is a business and employee management software developed in java and mysql database. This application is useful for software companies for manage interviews, resource management, attendance, experience,  personal details .

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system for small companies most of the employee related data is managed manually which is not efficient method. In order to provide effective method enterprise resource planning software will be useful . Details of modules and features are explained below.

Modules Overview:

Interview management: In interview management senior level employees who take interviews will update candidate information to database. This module also covers results of interview with their resumes and personal details.

Employee management:  Information of  Employees who are working in company are managed using this module.

Performance management:   Performance of employees with experience and level of work is managed in this module.

Download Java ERP System Project Source code in java.