Exam integration system for SOF  is a simple java based project designed to conduct talent tests using a website.  There are different type of talent tests for students which are using paper based test. In order to make it more easy this system will be useful. 


        Exam Integration System for SOF is software application program to make paperless exam for school children. SOF Science Olympiad Foundation conducting talent test for school children every year, they require a software for registering students, accepting fee based on that they need to generate regno for each students and allocate the exam. This integrated program have two parts one for admin and other for student to take the examination.


This software is designed to conduct a paperless exam for school children, the program is integrated with questionnaires which student can take and answer it on scheduled time basis, once exam is over they will get result instantly. The other major objective of this program is to manage all the activity related to exam. 


Talent test Admin:  Admin is nothing but a test provider who prepared  paper for different talent tests . He can view all users registrations and provide permissions.

Paper Upload:  For different type of test there will be different upload options which are stored in database. Each paper answers are stored in database which are used for comparing results.

Test registration:  Students who want to take talent test should register with application and get unique id and password. These details are useful for taking test.

Test module: Questions with chose the correct answers are provided in this module. These questions are previously uploaded by admin . when student selects answers his details are compared with correct answers available in database.

Result module:  Results after taking test and displayed on the interface.

Software Requirement:

Front End                   :       java, jdk, java script,

Back End                   :       mysql

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 3


Windows 7