Face recognition system using eigen values is a security related application for accurately calculating human faces. Detail of functionality and algorithms are explained below.

Face Recognition Project Using Eigen Values

Face Recognition Project Using Eigen Values


INPUT:  The path of the sample images to be stored in the database and the path of the real time image is given as input.

STEP1: The images are read from the path given.

STEP2: They are divided into sets of 16 images, each of which form a face bundle.

STEP3: The eigenvectors corresponding to each face bundle are computed using algorithm2.

STEP4: The input image is compared with every face bundle.

STEP5: The average face of every bundle is subtracted from the given face.Then the eigenvectors of the real time image are also computed using algorithm2.

STEP6: The Euclidian distance of the given image with every image in the face bundle is computed.The image with least distance is said to be the closest match.

STEP7: The closest match in every face bundle is determined using above steps.

STEP8: The least distance of all the closest matches is compared with the threshold value.

STEP9: If the least distance is less than the threshold value a successful match occurs.

OUTPUT:  If a successful match occurs, the ID and the path of the image are shown.


STEP 1: Deploy the application in Tomcat Server and access Upload.html page.

STEP 2: When the user clicksRegister, the interface takes sets of facial images at different view angles upon user’s facial movements through the camera by giving the following command on clicking ‘Input Images’ link.

command::  java DataSourceReader -monitor “vfw://0″

When the user clicks the update button, the images are updated to  the database.

STEP 3: When the user clicks Login, the interface  captures an image to be authenticated   through the camera after clicking ‘Capture an image to Authenticate..’ link and providing the following command.

command::  java DataSourceChecker -monitor “vfw://0″

 Then provide the path of this new image with the help of the browse window.

When the user clicks the Submit Image button, the image is taken by the server to check with the image database.

Authentication Message is displayed if a successful match occurs.

Download Face recognition system using Eigen values source code in java with project report.