In a cellular network channel allocation is a important task which must use the limited available channel and with limited errors. In order to Improve efficiency fault-tolerant algorithms are developed. This project explains about error control system in the network.

A channel allocation algorithm in a mobile network includes elements: a channel acquisition set of rules and a channel choice algorithm. some of the preceding works in this field focused on centralized procedures for allocating channels. However, centralized methods are neither scalable nor reliable. recently, allotted dynamic channel allocation algorithms were proposed, and they have received lots of interest due to their excessive reliability and scalability. However, in the maximum of the algorithms, the cellular that wants to borrow a channel has to watch for replies from all its interference associates and, for this reason, isn’t always fault-tolerant. On this paper, we recommend a new set of rules that is fault-tolerant and makes full use of the available channels. It may tolerate the failure of cellular nodes as well as static nodes without any sizeable degradation in the carrier.

Two simple processes to channel allocation are as follows:
1. Centralized technique: in centralized tactics, request for a channel is despatched to and processed through a primary controller, referred to a mobile switching center (MSC). MSC is the only one which has to get right to entry to gadget extensive channel usage records. it allocates
Channels and guarantees no co-channel interference occurs. but, this technique is neither scalable nor sturdy due to the fact the MSC may want to come to be a bottle-neck whilst the visitor’s load is heavy and the failure of the MSC will carry down the entire gadget.
2. Allotted approach: in allotted channel allocation algorithms, there may be no principal controller which includes MSC. The MSC share the responsibility to allocate channels. every mss makes selection independently based on its nearby records. they exchange data if vital, to be able to compute the set of available channels such that the usage of them reasons no co-channel interference.
In a distributed channel acquisition algorithm, one of the following strategies is commonly adopted: on-demand/ reactive method and proactive method.

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