File Tracking System For Medical Transcription Company software is designed to manage files of hospital in a systematic manner which is useful for users to track status of files from web application . In a manual system, system administrator will transfer the files manually to all the employees, which is very tedious process. To solve this problem this project is developed, which automatically send the files to the employee when employee request for it and it also tracks all the details related to that file.


This project is developed for Medical Transcription Company to manage Files. This program automatically sends the files to the MT’s and Proffers once they login to the system. Once they complete the work they can send back the files to the server. System automatically store all the file related information.


Manual administrators control all the files. Once this project put in place this project will take care all the file transactions. So it is very useful software for all medical transcription companies.


Provide systematic method to transact the files over the network.

Modules             : There are two main modules server and client module each module is sub divided in to multiple modules.


User Creation:   This is for creating new user like registration page by entering patient details using these details users can track files.

Hospital Creation

Pass Files fresh folder: Creating new folder for each user in done in this module.

File Details reader:  User can view details of files which are available in this account

File Tracker : user or admin can track folder or files which are available in database.

Upload Files : Uploading files to database is done using this module.

Report : Report generation with time , date ,billing is maintained in this module.



MT Screen

ED Screen

File Upload


Software Requirements:

Operating System.       :       Java, java jdk, java script

Developing Tool          :       jdk, net beans, mysql

Database                   :       mysql or oracle.