Fleet and employee management system project is developed for Construction Company to manage vehicles, material and employee details. 

Modules Explanation: 

Vehicle/Truck Module: 

This module is sole responsible for managing entities called vehicle. In this module you have the options such as adding and getting reports. The different kinds of reports you can get in this module are – own vehicle report, unown vehicles report, all vehicles report. You can go for the screens want to see the format of each and every report and what are things are taking in each and every form.

Fleet And Employee Management System

Fleet And Employee Management System

Personnel Module: 

This module is helpful to manage staff resource of our organization. We can add a staff people whenever new one comes into organization. At the same time we can edit or delete a staff details in any circumstance like change in salary, designation, staff taking reliving from the service.   There is a sub-module called payroll system in this module that keeps track of advance and salaries details. Same as in vehicles module we can get lot of reports here in this module too such as staff report, pay report and etc. 

This is a sub module same as staff module. Only the difference between these two modules staff people paid monthly basis we call that as salary but driver or cleaners paid commission basis on the trips they undertaken. Whenever the drive takes a trip the things we note down are his name, cleaner name, vehicle number, loading of that trip, advance taken, dealer name to him load to be delivered, amount need to collect from that dealer and amount paid to the organization on that trip. 

Trips Module:  

In this module we keep track each and every trip details in detail like expenses during that trip, load and unload timings and more hidden things you can observe them in screens. All the inputs taken in this module will help to generate reports of driver/cleaner commission and bills for each and every dealer.

Material Management Module: 

Our company maintains a stock of tires, tubes and other lorry hardware component of its own. This module tracks these details and gives stock details, usage of those items reports.

Client module: 

In this module we record the trips client wise and generate the bills client wise. These bills are produces to clients for payment. Whenever the client pays those bill again records those details too.

Suppose you want to view the code implementation better to go for deployment descriptor, a servlet and a JSP.

Download Fleet and Employee Management system project source code in java with project report.