Forensic Lab Administration is software applications maintain all the day to day activities of the Forensic Lab department, the software provide options to enter employee details, department details, sample collection, Lab report etc., This project will also help them to digitalize all the activities in the department. 


This application is useful to reduce total number of employs for generating sample collection, Lab report, employee details, department details., The other main objective of this application is to keep track of all lab reports.


This application is developed for one branch of the forensic lab. After successful implementation of this project in one branch, this can be used in all other branches of the department. Later it can be extended all other states of this department.


  • Login: Users should register with application to login in to application. User will get unique id and password for login. Each user will have different features.
  • Staff Details:  Total number of staff members details in the lab are updated to database using this module.
  • Lab Division Details: Lab will have different divisions each division will have different wok. This module will divide in to sub modules where employees can upload to respective module.
  • Sample Type Details: samples taken from users are updated to database from this module.
  • Equipment Details: Equipment details with warranty and expiry details are managed using this module.
  • Department Details :
  • Sample Collection :
  • Lab Reports : After lab process is completed details of results are shown in lab reports which we can take print out.

Software Requirement:

Front End                   :       Java, java swings, java script

Back End                   :       MS Access or Oracle

Operation System        :       Windows XP