Forum website for question and answers is a forum for students or colleges or web site developers for using it in different ways.  Students can use this for sharing knowledge and discussing on issues. Colleges can create forum for updating information related to exams , results and interact with students.

Product function’s overview:

In the Forum every member has an ID and password. To this Forum any Forum user can post any number of Threads that Forum Category. An administrator can create a Forum and create a category. Administrator can manage the different in ways. He can make the forum status to disable, enable or locked at any point of time. He can also make  a forum as public or private forum. He can create any no of forums. He can see the recently posted threads. We can  see the how many users are connected to this forum and their details. Each and every user can post a new thread and they can post multiple answers for the same question. The owner of the thread can delete the thread or delete the answer. The user can set automatically login upto some days. User can select the forum and post the threads in any forum. User can see the how many replies are there for a specific post. He can sort the threads based on dates in either ascending order or descending order. All the threads will be displayed page by page depending on no of Threads. User can search for a particular thread. User can change his profile. He can activate his account also. He can put global watch, my category watch, Forum watch and MyThread watch to receive some alerts when changes occur on that.


web wizard  is a tool, where we put queries and their replies in a centralized location and manage the user interaction in efficient way to get the resolutions from the professionals across the globe. Threads can also be managed in a hierarchical passion. The developed system is tested with real data and the users are satisfied with the performance of the system and reports.

This project is developed using Servlets, JSP, Java Script, JAVA MAIL API, one of the J2EE technologies, with the help of XML language. By using this tool we can provide multiple solutions for a single query from different persons and makes it useful for later use. By this lot of work load will be reduced to the programmer to send mails to different people to a solution for a problem and also manage the queries in an efficient way with user-friendly screens. It also provides security at different levels. This tool is very useful for posting the questions and getting replies. It provides extendibility also. So you can add your own forums in future very simply without disturbing the existing code.

Download Forum Website for Question and Answers source code in java with project report