Government certificate issuing system project main motivation is to reduce process of file system that is to be carried out today in government organizations for issuing any type of certificates for citizens. 

Project Introduction: 

Government e services is the concept of using information and technology in different offices for simplifying working process. There are many definitions for e service  based on services they are offering here we are using e service as a web portal for government office to provide any type of certificates through online.  This service was introduced many years back which is proving a best way of service in a short and time. Main advantage of e service is to manage data in a database with a user friendly graphical interface where a normal user can also understand.

Project abstract: 

Automated e government certificate system is a e service related project for government organizations to provide fast service for citizens while issuing any type of certificates. This application works on centralized database where data uploaded from any e service centers can be visible to other users. There are applications like e seva which is provide similar type of services.

this website consists of four main users admin, visitor, verification team .

List of service website covers

Issuing birth certificate

Issuing death certificate

Issuing widow certificate

Income certificate

Residential certificate

Minority certificate

Cast certificate

Passport certificate


Existing and proposed system:

Comparing existing and proposed system main difference is how data is managed and total number of employees useful for completing work .In present system data is managed in database where as in existing data in records.  Users  can get certificates from any location . 


Admin:  admin will look after total number of requests and process to next officer if any documents are missing he can cancel application process, after processing is done he can send to user.

User module:

User is a normal citizen who is applying for certificate he can select type of certificate and send required document to admin and get id based on this id he can trace status.

Officer module:

Officer will check user requests and if all the details are ready he will approve and issue certificate. 

Download Government Certificate Issuing System project source code and project report.