This project government hospital management system is developed for specific hospital for computerising process of doctor management, patient management, rooms management. This web portal will cover other features like blood bank management, events management, employee management and information of donors.


Hospital information system comes under health care category which mainly deals with managing administration ( staff, doctors, patients ). This software is a total integration of many small modules which will cover all areas of hospital ( medial ,administration, financial and legal ).

Project abstract:

Hospital information system consist of doctor, patient, admin, staff modules each module will have different operations with specific permissions. HIS software will have options to update patients in time and out time and total number of beds available and timings of doctors.

This software users client server with three tire architecture with front end java programming using servlets, java script and html .

Database Design:

In this project we use mysql as back end database. Here we will explain few database tables first one is department table in this table department id , name and location is stored with id as primary key.

In doctor table detail of doctor with experience and id , name , designation , time , post and date of joing is updated .

In Employee table information of employees are stored with employee id, name, designation, date of joining.

Similarly three are other tables like disease, test, beds, inpatients, outpatient, ward type, test results.   

Modules overview:

Admin: admin will update details of doctors, employees, in and out patients to database which will reflect are respective modules , admin should maintain availability of beds in the hospital and look after nurses and employees .

Blood bank: in this module information of blood available and donors information and status of issues are updated.

 Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

Download Government Hospital management System Project source code in java, project report.