Schemes proposed by government are not effectively processed to reach citizens , most of the schemes are even not know to citizens. There is need for a effective application like Government Schemes for Citizens Project which should be available on web as a transparent system. This application should be accessible to each citizen and provide him option to know about schemes and application process and status of application.

This software is a web based system which will  computerize existing system which can be used in government offices, villages , panchayats.  Every information related to available schemes and application procedure is provided in system which is easily to understand and apply.

Process of work is done in this way. When user application for specific scheme his personal details are stored in database. Officials use this information for processing work and starts verifications to check if this schemes works for user or not. Officials will update status of each application to database. User can view from any location by visiting his account.

Comparing existing and proposed system:

In existing system as we know most of the government departments are not integrated with software applications for providing better services. Schemas are advertised on paper or new once in a year which are not reached to people in right time. By using this application people form any location can know buy just visiting website and register with application. 

Scheme Management:

Admin will update all available schemes given by government. Scheme information is provided on website with application form and who can apply for this scheme.  After scheme period is completed information is removed from database and new schemes are added.

Management Module:

Management module is a processing module where officials will look after new applications and process based on submitted information. He will update status of each application which is visible to applicant.

Report generation:

                 User, admin, management can generate any reports related to application. 

Download Government Schemes for Citizens Project source code in java.