Project on graphical chat is a new way of chatting which will enhance user experience in terms of conveying information to other users.


Chatting is the way of communication which works on socket programming and networking concepts. Using chatting users form one location can interact with other person form any other location and chat by send messages, or pictures ..etc. Now a days chatting is used in every application for mail we have hangouts, for facebook we have chat, for website with have online chat for customer service..etc. with introduction of chat it has become easy for users to share information and be in contact with friends or family or business persons.

Project abstract:

This application graphical chat is a new type of chat application where users can interact with graphs , canvas, by coloring pictures. There are 3 modules user , admin, and client . user can login to chat add new members or disconnect other members ,  admin can chat as normal user and client can login and communicate with other users.

Existing and proposed system:

In existing system there are normal chats where we just share short messages but no multimedia. In proposed system we use graphical data along with normal messages.


This application woks on client server architecture client and server both are running on different systems we need to set ip address configuration to connect to server . Client side we should connect to server with ip address which given in socket program and server will listen to client on client ip address which is written on socket program.

After connection is established user can log in to any room and see available users chats on screen and post messages. There are options of canvas where we can draw and add color and send a message.

Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access .

Download Graphical Chat Application Project source code in java with project report.