The ambition is to broaden a GUI designer for java.

This system is to be 100% go platform compliant, something that presently does no longer exist. furthermore, it will likely be small, rapid and smooth to use with “hidden” electricity features, along with keyboard shortcuts for all operations. presently, there are several huge software vendors that supply ides (integrated development surroundings) which have a GUI clothier (together with Borland JBuilder and solar distinctiveness). but, those programs are big, sluggish and are proprietary software. furthermore, they force the person to use their set of tools (e.g. editor and debugger) so that you can expand java programs. we are able to consequently develop a program that best does the GUI layout and offers freedom in phrases of preference of gear to be used. the code generated by the GUI artist ( the gart ) could be easily understandable and compliant with code conventions utilized by the gart venture. the program may also function opposite engineering code previously generated by means of the gart.
The gart should be smooth to install and use. it will implement several quick start features which, makes it smooth to begin on the new assignment without getting too many questions. it’s very crucial that the gart will not put in force whatever else then GUI functions and that manner keep away from becoming a monster application the use of pointless time and assets.

By way of enforcing most of these capabilities, the gart could be a completely unique application and enchantment to all ranges of Java coders.


System Specification:

The system on which the project developed has the following configuration.

Hardware Specifications:

Main Memory : 64MB.
MicroProcessor : Pentium –III.
Hard Disk Drive : 4.3 GB.
Cache Memory : 512KB.

Software Specifications:
Operating System : Windows 98/NT.
Front End : Java Using Swings/AWT.
Back End : Oracle 8i or SQL Server 2000.
Database Connectivity : JDBC,Microsoft ODBCDriver for Oracle.

Download GUI Project For Java Programming Project Source code and report.