Help desk management system project is used in software organizations which is handled by HR management team. Main functionality of this software is to provide a solution for employes to directly be in touch with human resource team and solve employee issues.  This application is also called as issue tracking system.

Problem and solution:

In a organization there must be a effective system to handle employee issues like payroll management, compensation, financial statements, loan , salary, leaves, deductions..etc.  Human resource team will look after these works and provide solutions for employees. This application Help desk management system is useful for HR team.

Existing and proposed system over view:

In existing system employees need to submit issues manually by visiting human resource department and submit form to solve issue. This is a time taking process and employee can not apply from any location. In order to over come this issue most of the organization are using web applications like help desk management system . 


There are mainly three modules in this application. Each module functionality is explained below. 

User module

HR module

HR Head module 

Employee module:

This module is called as employee or user module. Employee should log in to application using user name and password. He can view payroll, benefits, compensation, finance , experience, loans..etc related features. User can select issue related features and fill all details to submit to take action. User will have option to select priority , based on priority issue will be resolved.  

HR   module:

 Human resource module is like main modules for this application.  HR module acts as head of all modules an employee’s he can handle manage employee’s details, add new employee or delete old employee. He will maintain all modules and keep up to date.  Based on employees priority he will assign issues to respected department.

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