Hotel Management System Project Report covers detailed explanation about how to develop in java programming language. Project report consists of data flow diagram, screen shots, flow diagrams.

 Hotel Management System Project Report

Hotel Management System Project Statement of Scope:


     Customers come for an enquiry our system will give the updated status of the room, and it will help the customers to choose the room from the available, it will also provide the facility of pre- booking.

Food Order:-

     When customer gives the food order, a note is generated of the customer food order and it is been send to the food department.

Bill Generation:-

     The clerk here generates the bill of the customer, the clerk will get all the information automatically on his system regarding the customer service utilities and on that base he will generate the bill. 


     The inventory manager will get the status of the inventory automatically on his system, and based on that he will manage the inventory.     


One of the key features of the system is that it will generate the report of all the departments.

Limitations of Existing System

  • Lots of paperwork is involved and it is difficult to handle and maintain such a large amount of data. 
  • Manual activities are very time consuming and a tedious job. 
  • It is very difficult to retrieve any particular data. 
  • Changes are difficult to make. 
  • A very large amount of data redundancy occurs 
  • If any changes have taken in case of room status then the changes has to be    reflected on the desk of the receptionist. 
  • But these changes are not generated automatically but it has to be passed by the room service to the clerk. 
  • Report generation is not an easy task and the accuracy of the reports generated cannot be guaranteed 
  • Does not provide online hotel management services for user.

Need for Proposed System

  • Previously the hotel management work was done manually. 
  • It was a tedious job and also time consuming. 
  • Therefore it was need to develop a computerized system which will reduce the job complexity, improve efficiency and should be economically feasible.


  • To increase the effectiveness of the management. 
  • Generation of the reports should be easy, up to date and flawless. 
  • Reduce human errors and easy maintenance of the database. 


  • This system provides the idea to the management about present condition and also supports management decision making system. 
  • The objective of our system is to eliminate the chances of error that will occur in manually handling the system. 
  • This system will minimize the paper work and reduces the work time and complexity of the user. 
  • By using this system the data will be stored in organized manner. 
  • The system has GUI interface, so it is very user friendly

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