This Human Resource Management System Project ( in Java ) should satisfy all the needs of the Human Resource Manager. The Administration work mainly on Interviews conducted by the consultant . And the project module give the information about the project details from the User and service and updating may be done for user’s satisfaction. This Project has Online test for the Users. It is used to know the result quickly. So the is very short to know about their results. Who one is selected in online test that user only attend the direct interview quickly. HRManager should insert any values is easy and quickly. The HRM should maintain the Employee Details, Training Employee’s Details, Project Details, Recruitment Process i.e., Direct interview, campus interview and absorbing trainee very easy and the time should be concession.

Human Resource Management System Project

The few years before this Human Resource Management were maintained by manually. So they maintains their data very difficulty. And the work processes are very large and make tensions. So they need an easiest way to solve this problem. And Time is very long to select a Trainee, Employee, Project Trainee and Recruit Process.

The above problems should solve by this Human Resource Management System Project. This Project should fulfill all needs of the HRMS. The world is going fast to finish their Problems and needs. This Project should need for the Real Time Human Resource Management System in any Places.

 Human Resource Management System  Project Modules:

This Project comprises of a login screen and 2 modules 

     There are basically 2 modules 

  • User module 
  • Administration module 

User module exits for 

  • Recruitment process 
  • Company details 

Recruitment process 

  • Direct interview 
  • Campus interview 
  • Absorbing trainee 

Administration module exits for 

  • Project maintenance 
  • Company details 
  • Employee details 
  • Recruitment process 

     Reports generated for 

  • Employee details 
  • Project training 
  • Recruitment report 
  • Online exam report 
  • Company details

 Download Human Resource Management System Project in Java Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, Database Design , Screen Shots.