Image Authentication over Wireless Channels Project in Java is designed to develop a web application which can effectively manage authentication of images that are shared on public networks mainly internet. Recent advances in networking and digital media technologies have created a large number of networked multimedia applications.

Image Authentication over Wireless Channels

Image Authentication over Wireless Channels Module Description:

This system is divided into three modules:

  1. Network module.
  2.  Encryption module.
  3.  Decryption module.
  4.  Authentication module

Network module

This module is both accessed by sender and receiver in order to establish a wireless channel between them. During this process sender identifies the address of receiver. This module support following services:

1. Finding IP address.

2. Establish connection.

Encryption module

This module is accessed by sender at the location of sender side and its objective is to encrypt the plain text data given by sender. The encryption can be done either private or public keys or using water marking methods or combination it support following services: 

  1. Get input data.
  2. Generate private or public key.
  3. Select image
  4. Encrypt using keys.
  5. Encrypt by hiding data behind the image.

Decryption module

This module accessed by the receiver at receiver location and its objective is to copy decrypt the encrypted data to original form. During process it follows services:

  1. Receive encrypted data.
  2. Generate private or public key.
  3. Decrypt by using keys.
  4. 4.      Decrypt by extracting data from image

Authentication module

This is accessed by both sender and receiver. The objective of this module is the sender authenticate, encrypt data, receiver also authenticate encrypted data. So the sender ensures that data is received only by receiver.

System Architecture

Here, Client (sender) contain modules of Network module, encrypt module, authentication module. Server (receiver) contains decryption module, authenticate module.

Watch this video for detailed explanation about project with design and screen shots.

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