Image Enhancement Techniques project is an image processing related application which will remove unwanted information like noise improve contrast and highlight which is most important features in the image and show only useful information. This project is developed in Java programming language.

Here we integrated specific enhancement methods which might be dealt by means of the operations on the neighborhood pixels.

Exceptional photo documents are selected, required operations are performed on them and the ensuing output is made beneficial

Virtual photo processing methods stem from two fundamental software regions:

• Improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation.
• Processing of photo facts for storage, transmission, and representation for independent system belief.

For photo processing, three sorts of computerized techniques are in use,

• Low_ Level Processes
• Mid _ Level Processes
• High_ Level Processes

In our mission, we are dealing with low_ degree methods, which entails the primitive operations including photo preprocessing to reduce noise, contrast enhancement, and picture sharpening.

It is characterized by the reality that each the input and output are images.

Proposed System:

Enhancement strategies are to the method an photo so that the result is extra suitable than the unique image. the snapshots received from one of a kind means won’t be clean. so we use those enhancements to improve the photo in line with our applications.

The techniques used are

1. Negative 2. Grayscale 3. Rotate
4. Level Slicing 5. Contrast Stretching 6. Threshold
7. LowPassFiltering 8.HighPassFiltering 9. HighBoostFiltering
10. Histogram and Histogram Equalization
• Every time the picture obtained is misaligned then we use the rotate strategies.
• While the image is noisy then the lowpassfiltering approach is used.
• To highlight the picture then we move for high boost filtering techniques.
• For graphical representation, we use histogram strategies.
• For converting the shade picture to black and white picture the gray stage techniques is used.

The photograph enhancement strategies we have applied are very a success in supplying customers with the photo facts he needs, separating all other unrelated data.

The enhancement encompasses getting rid of the noise from the pictures, enhancing the comparison, highlighting the required areas and plenty of others.

Download Image Enhancement Techniques Project Source Code, Project Report and PPT.