Image Steganography Project in java is security related application developed to send secured information from source to destination using a image file. This application use encryption and decryption method to secure content.

Need Of Proposed System

The previously had many drawbacks such as more manual processing of data which resulted in a time consuming process. Besides this cost of maintaining a manually was more as compared to the computerized process. Besides this there were complexities but not the least there was minimal amount of data security. 


  •  It is complete and automatic system for Data Security.
  •  Designing a system that gives us information about data security.
  •  Hide important information by unauthorized person while sending information to receiver.
  •  With the help of an image to hide an information and provide security to important information.
  •  Unauthorized person not guess about information is hidden in an image. 


  • Sender

         Sender who make a stegano image. Sender is an authorized person who sends important information with the help of an image to receiver.


        Receiver is an authorized person who extracts important information from image in a secure way. Receiver receives information from sender.


Image Steganography Project

In this procedure the file which is in the binary form and it is now embedded in some form and now this file is in the hidden format and any secret information is added by the sender and if the receiver wants to get the original image then he needs to extract the embedded image with the help of the secret information provided by the sender. When the receiver will receive the file will be in the embedded form and by extracting it he can use or read the original object file which is sent by the sender. 

This embedding of the binary code is different for the different types of the files.

Download Image Steganography Java Project Source Code, project report, design details.