To better understand the concept of  Imine Database Management Project ( JAVA ) can be compared with index support in data base technology . we know that in data base system we can execute queries for accessing the data from data base.  There are two ways to execute queries on data base environment.

IMine Database Management Project

Ways to Execute Queries in Database Management Systems:

1)      Queries can be executed by run time database environment directly with the help of data access.  Methods to extract data from data bases.  In this case data access methods first extracts the data records from data base into main memory and then applies filtering constraints (conditions) on data records in main memory. 

                                             For this it applies searching methods on data records in main memory.  This is time consuming and provides low efficiency.  As the size of data base increases the process becomes too complex and efficiency decreases.  The reason is that when data size increases it has to swap (abstract) data from the disc to main memory in different phases.

2)      Now to overcome this problem we can create an index on database on queries are supported with the index.  Index is a secondary data structure in database and provides physical organization of data records stored in disc as database in a form i.e., suitable to extract the data records into main memory very fastly. 

                                                                  Index creates a tree like structure or hash based structure and stores address of disc blocks related to data records in database.  Along with disc blocks index also stores pointers to disc blocks integer structure.  Using these pointers it extracts only required data records from data base into main memory.  This index increases to access speed by reading only disk blocks that are required but not all.  Thus the index enhances data accessing concept.

Project Category:

Database Management System Project

Limitations of existing system

1)      Query response does not perform well, if query patterns changes(ie., speed of execution)

2)       If the query pattern changes it does not provide better results.  If provides inefficient results 

Download IMine Database Management Project Source Code in Java.

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