A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement Project in Java main idea is to develop a effective method to calculate packet loss details when travelling from one end to other end in a communication network. This software will improve efficiency of packet loss calculation.

Packet Loss Measurement Software Screen Explanation:

Packet Loss Measurement sender


This is the Screen shot for the Sender which consists of a Text Field, Text Area and 3 Buttons. Here by using the Browse button we can browse the file and can send it to the receiver by using Send button. We can exit by using the exit button.



This is the screen shot for the Queue which consists of the Status Information and the Exit button. In this, in the Status Information Text Area the file that is browsed in the sender is placed here. We can exit by using the Exit button.



This is the sreen Shot for the Reciever consists of the TextArea,Text Field and 2 Buttons.In this the file that was sent by the sender is received here.By using this we can make the result screen to be displayed.


  • User Interface Design
  • Packet Separation
  • Implementation of the Queue
  • Packet Receiver
  • Packet Loss Calculation

Sample Source Code:


 Youtube video link to view design details of this project


Download A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement Project Source Code in Java with project report, documentation, ppt, Project Manual , DFD.