Indian airlines management system project is a java based web application which is useful for managing different types of works in airlines office through a computerized process. 

Indian Airlines Management System

Problem statement:

Innovation and computing hardware and software has brought a multitude of Powerful and sophisticated to users desktop and across their networks .this sophistication is accompanied by problem for application developers, software venders and users. Some of the problems are:

1) Today’s applications are large and complex .They are time consuming to develop, difficult and costly to maintain, risky to extend with additional functionality.

2) Application are monolithic .They come packed with a wide range of feature but most feature can not be removed, upgrade independently, or replaced.

3) Operating systems have a related set of problems .they are not sufficient modular and it is difficult to override, upgrade or replace OS-provide services in a clean and flexible way.

4) We use the Java as front end of this projects and the MS-Access as the backend .To show all the details of costumer and facilities provided to the costumer.
This package is suitable for “Airlines Management Sysyem”. The user can efficiently conduct all the operation related to Airlines through the menus and submenus provided. The programming done in Sun java development kid 1.6 is very systematic and easily comprehensive.

Indian Airlines Management System Conclusion:

The application developed to overcomes the problem of manual system in case of accuracy, speed and efficiency. The system is useful for person who has less knowledge of computer because the system provide menu driven easy user interface. Therefore, proposed system would have valuable time and resources of the system by providing accurate information and report to management and reports.

Download Indian Airlines Management System Project