Project in matrimonial website is a web portal for indian users with new features for finding human resource for marriage.  This application provides option for users to choose pujaris, photographers, book function halls.

User who wants to find match for marriage can register with application and provide required details which are required for selection process.  Using these details users who are part of web portal can view profiles or search profiles and send request to users. Users can view users profile details and accept request.

User will have different search options like finding based on location, cast, salary, type of star..etc. User can update profiles and modify existing information.

Main advantage of this website is it can provide all other information which are required for users to complete process of marriage.

Modules overview:

There are four main modules admin, user, service and special services

Admin: admin can update new information of services that can be offered by website . He will provide support details with contact information and delete old profiles after conformation form user .

User: User who want to find partner will register and update profile details and send requests to other users and accept requests. He can contact admin for support.

Services: Website with provide different type of service to different users. Using this module users can take paid service.

Special services:  Using this module users can look after function halls, photographer..etc and conform bookings.

Database Tables:

Login          : Holds Login details like user id, password and authentication information of users.

User Profile: This table holds the personal details of the           registered users.

Basic Information: This table holds the basic information about the registered users

Education and Career: This table holds the educational and career information of users.

Lifestyle: This table holds the life style of the user.

Religion and social info: This table holds the religious and social information of users

Appearance: This table stores the physical appearance of the users

Family Details: This stores the family details of the users.

Matrimonial Services: This table stores the details of the various matrimonial services.

Feedback: This table holds the feedback given by the users.

Download Indian Matrimonial website Project source code in java with project report.