Institutes Information Management System Project is developed using Java so that it can be accessed from any type of system. The system will be capable of providing information about the all types of educational institutions and their courses in India and Abroad within a give time frame with no errors and the system should be available and operational all the time.

The system is developed with a aim of usability so that it is an easy to use system that requires the least amount of user input possible. Using this system user should only have general computer knowledge is enough? An easy well structured module will show the correct path to reach the destination. Users will be authenticated to ensure that no unauthorized users gain access to private information. 

Institutes Information Management System

Institutes Information Management System Features:

  • Students and their parents can find information on Schools, Colleges, Universities, Examination results, Educational announcements, events and news.
  • Proposed system is developed with convenient modules, it takes the user where he wants to go.
  • This system provides the total information about the courses, colleges and Universities in India and abroad
  • It provides the details about the educational services provided by the registered Colleges and Universities
  • In College module, we can find details about colleges in India, and search the colleges by name and various other parameters.
  • Courses module gives the courses available in India and abroad, and can view the courses with its branches and offering colleges.

Contents in Project Report:


Existing system features
Proposed system features
Software requirements
Hardware requirements
Screen shots
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